We show you how to start the Happiness Cycle, a ride that never needs to end.

Innovative solutions that combine proprietary devices, software, short movies, and mentorship to deliver the most coveted objective - Happiness.


Is Digital just a fad?

How do we upskill our employees to create digital innovations?


How do we enable our teams to create  breakthrough experiences for delighting our customers without breaking the bank?

How do we stay ahead of the competition?

How do we upskill our tech architects to architect Digital solutions?

How do we get our architects to take advantage of the Digital technologies?

How do we enable our architects to have effective conversations with our customers around Digital?

How can our tech experts have effective conversations with client CxOs by articulating business value from the CxO perspective?


How can our tech experts proactively help our clients stay ahead of the tech trends?


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At Tiny Magiq, we believe that large scale transformation always begins with the individual. Our programs help people identify their core skills, their passion and their motivators and align it with their organization's vision and strategy. In our approach high performance happens in the context of the organization's objectives thereby eliminating the strategy to execution gap. Our Operating System for Behavior Change, affectionately called HiPoHa, accurately sums up the ‘why’ of what we do- HIgh PerfOrmance, Happily Achieved.

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